New Messenger: D2D Chat

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Are you tired of WhatsApp, Facebook messenger e.t.c? Well there is a new messenger on board and it’s the most secure than any other you might think of.

D2D CHAT is the new messenger and it stands for Device to Device Chat.

D2D Chat is designed to give you ultimate privacy with control of your identity and privacy.

With D2D Chat, you can send messages, images, audios and any file type you might want and the major difference it has with other messengers is that your messages will be sent directly to the receiver’s device without going through any servers.

D2D Chat can be used for both in the professional and private life.

For more info on how the messenger came about, how it works, how secure it is, devices supported, methods of encryption used and other important frequently asked questions you can click the link below.


A review of the application will be coming soon after I use the application for a bit.

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