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6 Months Free Hosting Promotion

Register your domain with us and have your website designed by Belsoft Solutions and enjoy 6 months of free web hosting services. The promotion runs till 30 November 2016. T & Cs apply.

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Life made easy with Belsoft… For only $6-00 a month make us host your site for you and get a 1 month free trial. Belsoft makes all things flow. Belsoft, Simply the best!!!

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Domain Registration


Register your domain with us and get 1 month free hosting. Remember time and tide waits for no man, hurry while the promotion is still on.

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Professional Web hosting allows businesses to benefit from technical support and better web security which are not available with free web hosting services. For companies that need sensitive data to operate, it also provides the confirmation that data backup and restoration features are available and provided for by the professional web hosting company.

A good analogy that can explain the advantages of professional web service is taking your car for service. While most garages can service a car, a professional would know how to optimize the performance of your car and provide a professional solution.

Check out our next post on WEB HOSTING where we will give you the other benefits of making Belsoft your web hoster for you.

For more information visit our website at or call direct +263773955178 or email us on

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Web Design and Development

A Web site is a related collection of World Wide Web (WWW) files that includes a beginning file called a home page. A company or an individual tells you how to get to their Web site by giving you the address of their home page.These are the benefits you get when we design a website for you:
– we are affordable
– our services are highly customized
– we are target oriented
– Increased publicity
For as little as $200-00 we will design a standard 5 page website for you. For greater publicity…’Modernize!!!’, its just a chance for you organizations, schools, etc. Visit us at for more information or call +263773955178 or email us on Belsoft Solutions is a solution for you….


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